Child Care Star Rating

Each of the areas of the star rated license has a range of one through five points. The star rating is based on the total points earned for all of the areas. Recently, the rating system was changed to include two components, instead of three. Listed below is the breakdown for the number of stars received based on the total points earned in each of the areas (two and three component).

Number of Stars Received Points Earned
1-3 Points
4-6 Points
7-9 Points
10-12 Points
13-15 Points


A program scores 4 points in program standards and 4 points in education standards, and 1 quality point. The total is 4 + 4 + 1 = 9 points. The program would get a three-star rating under the two component system.


Two Component Example
Program Standards 4 Points
Education Standards 4 Points
Quality Point 1 Points
Total Score 9 Points
Star Score

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