With extreme concern and care for our children and families in our community. We are here for everyone as we all face the challenges related to the Coronavirus. COVID-19 has brought numerous changes and stress in our daily lives. Parents, child care providers, businesses and our economy has been significantly impacted by this pandemic. We will continue to advocate for safe and healthy prevention strategies and educational opportunities in our community. We must all take exponential strides and efforts to keep our community safe and overturn this virus.

With this pandemic we continue to receive new news. Please always seek reliable information. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Forsyth County Department of Public Health Center, and the North Carolina Division of Development and Early Education websites provide reliable and accurate information.

Smart Start of Forsyth County (SSFC) will continue to update this resource page as we strive to help families stay healthy during this crisis. Our office remains open to the public by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

We are ready to assist you and will refer you to possible resources related to COVID-19.

We wish you good health and safety as we all work together to defeat COVID-19. These are unprecedented times and we thank you for your determination to do what’s best for Forsyth County's young children, families and the community.

Following are helpful resources for parents, caregivers, and early childhood professionals:


Forsyth County COVID-19 DATA