Request for Funding

ARPA Evaluator Request For Proposals

Smart Start of Forsyth County will provide, in collaboration with key partners and the Pre-K Priority, a range of high-quality services and supports to a model cohort of 30 Pre-K classrooms located in settings from across the current Pre-K system. This model will focus in particular on delivering resources to independent/private licensed centers that currently do not receive public funding, and consequently struggle to meet standards of quality.

These centers primarily serve children/families that are disproportionality families of color and that have low incomes. The high-quality services and resources that will be supplied to this cohort are documented by the well-respected National Association of Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and National Education for Early Education Research (NIEER).

These program components will enable the classrooms to provide four-year-olds with evidence-based Pre-K curricula, enriched learning environments, well-educated teaching professionals who receive ongoing professional development and coaching, intensive family engagement resources, and translation services.

These essential components of high-quality Pre-K will better prepare the children in those classrooms (along with their families) to experience a smooth transition into kindergarten and, based on the current research, will result in significant gains in their reading and math proficiency in third grade.

Selecting an Evaluation Partner

Smart Start of Forsyth County is conducting a RFP process to vet and select an evaluation partner to draft and implement an evaluation plan. Data points and measures will be utilized to guide the development and implementation of the evaluation plan by the selected evaluation partner. The intent of evaluation is to enhance and improve the programs’ services as well as the collaborative network of Pre-K providers by implementing continuous quality improvement methods.

Oversight and compliance will ensure federal, state, and local mandates are followed as we build and expand the model, and most importantly, learn what works best for families in our community. A thorough monitoring and evaluation of the system will be necessary to identify local results/outcomes over the funding period as well as to highlight areas in need of improvement.

*Budget Form for Proposals. Download and include with your submission.


For questions, please contact Melissa Estler Director of Continuous Quality Improvement and Partnerships, 

Program Evaluation- Request for Proposals

Smart Start of Forsyth County is accepting new and continuing proposals for Smart Start funding for the FY’s 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 funding cycles.

Grant Purpose and Availability

Smart Start funds may be used solely to support services for young children (birth through age 5) and their families who reside in Forsyth County. Smart Start funds are available to local, community-based nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies. All selected projects will be funded initially for a maximum of two years, from July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2024. All awards are contingent upon Smart Start funding made available by the NC General Assembly and contracted through the North Carolina Partnership for Children.

Smart Start of Forsyth County (hereafter referred to as the “Local Partnership”) is soliciting proposals to establish contracts through competitive negotiations. The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to acquire the services of a qualified contractor (hereafter referred to as the “Contractor”) for one of the following services to support early literacy and the health and development of young children:

  • Child Care Service Quality Enhancement/Maintenance: Building and maintaining an affordable, comprehensive, high-quality early development and education system for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County.
  • Subsidized Placement: Assist eligible children and families in obtaining high quality early education that meets child and family needs
  • Parents as Their Children’s First Teacher: Connecting families (guardians) with young children or who are expecting young children to information, resources, and supports concerning early development and learning.
  • Access to Trauma Informed Services: Connecting or serving eligible families and children with programs and resources in the community to address exposure to or impact of traumatic or adverse experiences.
  • Educational Data: Implementation of a county-wide early childhood education data hub for use by Smart Start of Forsyth County to support the work of Early Childhood Practitioners and Leaders.

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Melissa Estler, Director of Continuous Quality Improvement and Partnerships