Family Childcare Scholarships

Choosing a childcare program is one of the most important early decisions you’ll make for your child. Our Childcare Guide can help you with that decision.

The ongoing Family Childcare Scholarship Program provides childcare scholarships to qualifying families residing in Forsyth County. Eligibility is based on income guidelines identical to the Forsyth County Dept. of Social Services. Childcare scholarships are available for children from birth through the start of kindergarten.

The application for the Family Childcare Scholarship Program is on the SchoolMint platform. Parents will need to choose the 2023-24 application. If you have not created an account for SchoolMint you must first create your account and follow the guided steps. 

Parent requirements are as follows:

  • Working 25 hours per week,
  • Attending school full-time, Or
  • A combination of working and attending school for a total of 25 hours per week.

Family engagement is also promoted through the Family Childcare Scholarship Program. Our team is prepared to promote healthy relationships between childcare providers, families, and their children by establishing positive and goal-oriented relationships to ensure family well-being.

If Dual Subsidies can be of service to you or your family, please contact us via email, and we would love to work with you.

Sherri Jones

Family Intake Manager
Programs Department