Register for the R.O.O.T.S Bully Prevention Event

Let’s create a BULLY-FREE school! October is “Bully Prevention” month. 

October 13, 2022, 6:30pm-8:30pm, join R.O.O.T.S & SFC (Strong, Focused & Confident) as we partner with Best-selling Author, Cory Graves, for an evening of vendors, mental health professionals, and raffles. Corey is the author of “The Bully & The Bullied,” a children’s book.

Where:  Visions Event Center – 102 W. 3rd St., Winston-Salem, NC 27101. 

“Wear a splash of orange” and join us in making this event impactful.

📣Register for event & you’ll be entered into the $50 raffle!!! 


One of our newest programs is ROOTS, also called Adverse Childhood Experiences: Reversing Outcomes of Traumatic Situations. Visit us again soon for updates.

For further details and partnerships contact:

Juwon Crowell

Juwon Crowell

Special Projects Director
Programs Department