From Preschool to Kindergarten & Elementary School

School Readiness Ready Children, Ready Schools, and Ready Parents

Ready Children–

School readiness is more than knowing ABCs and 123s. While this knowledge is important, it’s just as important for children to be healthy physically and emotionally, and able to interact with adults and children socially.

School readiness is arriving at school with the knowledge, skills, and physical and emotional health needed to participate successfully. It includes children having basic human needs, such as food, shelter, and loving and nurturing relationships, readily met, so that children can focus on learning. The first years of a child’s life are critical to their success in school and in life.

How ready is your child?

Ready Schools–

A Ready School provides a seamless continuum of learning for children ages 3 through 8 between a child early care and educational experiences and elementary school,  family, and community. Making schools ready for children is also known as a PreK-3 approach.

Here is what the State of North Carolina defines a Ready School. A Ready School:

  • provides an inviting atmosphere, values and respects all children and their families;
  • is a place where all children succeed;
  • is committed to high quality in all domains of learning and teaching;
  • has deep connections with parents and the community; and
  • prepares children for success in work and life in the 21st century.

The NC State Board of Education has mapped out eight critical pathways that lead to Ready Schools:

  1. Pathway One: Leaders & Leadership
  2. Pathway Two: Family, School, & Community Partnerships
  3. Pathway Three: Transitions
  4. Pathway Four: Respecting Diversity
  5. Pathway Five: Engaging Environments
  6. Pathway Six: Effective Curricula, Instruction, & Child Assessment
  7. Pathway Seven: Teacher Supports & Adult Learning Communities
  8. Pathway Eight: Assessing Progress & Assuring Quality

How ready is your child school?

Ready Parents

Everyone accepts that parents and other important adults and older children in the home play an important role in a child life. The most successful school-ready children and the most successful children-ready schools have the benefit of parents who are ready and prepared to fulfill the new roles that come with a child entry into more formal, all-day learning.

Parental involvement in the life of the local school enriches and strengthens the school and their child experience. Sometimes parents don’t know how to prepare themselves for the changing demands of a school-involved child. Some parents may not have had a positive experience with their schools during their youth.

Just as we want our children to be life-long learners, so to, as parents, we must continue to learn and stay involved in the child learning, both at home and at school.

How ready are you?

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