NC Pre-K Site Selection


NC Pre-K applications for parents can be found here: NC PRE-K CHILD APPLICATION

Childcare Provider Site Application
(Due April 12, 2019)

Purpose and Availability for 4- and 5- Star Childcare Centers

Forsyth County Pre-K funds may only be used to support services for young children in the year prior to entering kindergarten.   The NC Pre-K Standardized Site Selection process allows the local NC Pre-K Planning Committee, through the work of the Site Selection Subcommittee, to identify sites that may be considered for NC Pre-K placement, based on need and the other factors identified in the Rubric.

Approval as a site does not guarantee that slots will be awarded, only that a site is eligible to serve as a placement option for NC Pre-K children.  We may/may not know the actual number of children in a geographic area until registration of children has been conducted.

The primary consideration for the selection of sites and the allocation of slots is based on meeting the needs of children and families with the highest quality early education settings.  Consideration is also given to applicants who demonstrate high quality to ensure that a diverse selection of services is available for at-risk children.

Approved sites are required to comply with all applicable NC Child Care Rules, specifically Rule .3000 North Carolina Pre-Kindergarten Services, the Forsyth County Local Policies and Procedures, and the NC Pre-K Program Guidelines and Requirements.

Application Deadline:

Completed Site Applications must be received (not postmarked) by 5:00 PM on Friday, April 12, 2019 at Smart Start of Forsyth County.  Applications received after the deadline may not be accepted for review.  Send or deliver the original application with supporting documents.  No faxed copies will be accepted.