Coaching/Mentoring: Parents as Teachers


We know that parents are a child’s first and most important teacher. We also know that being a parent is hard work. Parents as Teachers is a free home visiting program with a research-based curriculum for parents, grandparents, or other primary caregivers. Our Parents as Teachers (PAT) program is an evidence-based program that serves vulnerable “at risk” families where a parent educator coaches parents as their child’s first teacher.

Imprints Cares has earned the Parents as Teachers Blue Ribbon Model Affiliate award for delivering the highest quality services to children and their families. Parent educators are PAT trained and certified and implement the program with model fidelity. They also have a bachelor’s degree in a human service related field and experience relevant to serving our Forsyth County target population. PAT customizes visits to fit your family’s needs as you discuss parent-child interactions, development-centered parenting topics, and comprehensive family well-being. Your Certified Parent Educators will help you to understand child development and connect you to community resources, age-appropriate activities, books, and encouragement.

This program:

  • Supports parents as their child’s first, best teacher.
  • Provides books, educational activities, and support.
  • Empowers parents with the tools needed to raise children who are socially, emotionally, and academically ready for kindergarten.
  • Promotes group Connections
  • Brings families together to meet, interact, and share experiences
  • Encourages development-centered parenting, family health, and general well-being
  • Provides resources and referrals for families to overcome barriers to services access

Our PAT program also provides:

  • Personal visits, based on recommended dosage for each family’s number of risk factors
  • 12 group connections per program year
  • Annual developmental screenings and a health review that includes a record of hearing, vision and general health status, and
  • Referrals to community resources provided to families as needed


Please Contact Berta Andrade, Director of Ready for School Programs, at 336.713.9743 or visit the site here!