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… through the work of our professional staff in the community …

IMG_1194+Smart Start of Forsyth County supports programs for children, parents, child care facilities, and educators by directly administering programs and services with its professional staff, and by providing direct financial support to local agencies and organizations to administer services through their own staff and volunteers.

Visit the links on this page for information about our direct service programs. For information about our subcontracted programs and services administered by partnering organizations and agencies, visit the We build area of our site.

For information about the NC Pre-K program, managed by SSFC’s professional staff and administered through contracts with Family Services, Inc., the Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools, and a number of local, private child care providers, visit the NC Pre-K area of our site.

DSC_1315Parents who seek support in child rearing, locating affordable child care options, and preparing young children for school can access Smart Start programs in a variety of settings including child care centers, pediatrician offices, and within the home.

Child care centers and homes, along with individual early childhood educators can find comprehensive support for improving or maintaining the quality of a center as well as support for staff to obtain higher levels of education through our partnerships with local universities and colleges.

Whether parent or provider or educator, Smart Start of Forsyth County exists to support those that nurture and teach our youngest children.