Smart Start renews RFA for expedited roll-out of Imagination Library

SSFC, Inc., in cooperation with the NC General Assembly and NCPC, Inc., is seeking applications from non-profit or public organizations in Forsyth County to expedite the implementation of the Dolly Parton Imagination Library (DPIL) in all zip codes of Forsyth County on or before December 18, 2017.

Interested organizations must submit a letter of intent co-signed by the chief executive and chief volunteer officer of the organization by noon on Friday December 8, and the completed application by noon on Thursday December 14.

Applications must include all necessary attachments and documentation. The RFA review committee will provide notice of the awardee to SSFC by Friday December 15, 2017, which will forward the notice immediately to the implementing organization.

The implementing organization will receive access to a one-time award of $20,000, payable over the course of two years (December 2017 through June 2019) to support implementation work. Thereafter, the implementing organization will receive $0.15 per child per month in quarterly installments for each correctly-registered child (up to a maximum of $1.80 per annum per child). The availability of the per-child stipend to the implementing organization after June 2019 is subject to subsequent General Fund support in the next biennium.

The expedited implementation plan must include provisions for the following:

  • Implementation of DPIL in all 24 Forsyth County zip codes by December 18, 2017.
  • Reasonable plan for program sustainability after June 2019.
  • Organizational metrics on current or previous administration of other, evidence-based or evidence-informed pre-literacy programs and early literacy book-distribution programs for children birth to five in Forsyth County.
  • Implementation consistent with the DPIL 3.0-2017 US Operations Training Manual 6 24 17.doc, including:
    a) Targets for the number of children for enrollment in DPIL each year for FY 2017-18 and for FY 2018-19.
    b) Outreach, communication, and management of book inventory in promoting aggressive recruitment of families and highly effective techniques for loss prevention of undelivered books, particularly through existing community partnerships or other business relationships.
    c) Data entry about participating children and families in the Dollywood Foundation Book Ordering System (BOS) database.
    d) Management of undelivered books from post offices and redeliver to other locations for public use on a weekly basis.
    e) Participate in NCPC’s state evaluation, in particular, NCPC’s March 2018 Implementation report to the NC General Assembly.

Please complete the on-line application survey here.

This DPIL RFA process is subject to the provisions of the “Smart Start Competitive Bidding Policy, June 13, 2017-Revised,” available upon request.

As the activating contractor for DPIL in Forsyth County, SSFC is statutorily eligible and will be submitting a competitive application for the expedited implementation of DPIL pursuant to the RFA.

For further information, submit written questions to Charlette Lindell, Director, Compliance and Quality Assurance at