Family Engagement and Leadership

Families in Forsyth County in Forsyth County with children under 5 years old are invited to participate in the Family Engagement and Leadership program! We invite you to share your experiences and opinions to help us make positive changes in our community. 

The benefits of joining the Family Engagement and Leadership Programe are: 

  • Free training sessions and resources
  • Establish a community network
  • Make your voice heard
  • Monthly incentives for participating

Family Engagement and Leadership Coalition:

This program is to support parents f young children in Forsyth County by providing them with tools for success and a network for support. Parents and caregivers will gain confidence by building from their experiences to enhance the community. Free for families with children 0-4



Family Development Credential

Family Development Credential Course will consist of

  • Empowerment Skills for Human Service Workers
  • 10 Core Principles of Family Development
  • Strengths-based approaches to enhance outcomes

Registration will begin February 5th

One of our newest programs is the Family Engagement and Leadership Coalition. Visit us again soon for updates.

For further details and partnerships, contact Tekishia Duncan.