About Us

Because the earliest years of childhood are the most critical, we work to shape the experiences of our children so that they thrive. Our programs are evidence- and research-based to provide opportunities that support educational and emotional growth. Children who are exposed to Smart Start of Forsyth County arrive at school healthy and well-prepared to outperform other children on standardized achievement tests. Students in our programs require less grade repetition, and they are more likely to graduate high school. Additionally, children who progress through our program are less likely to be arrested or commit crimes.

Equity at Smart Start of Forsyth County

We are a public/private partnership corporation that works to ensure that children, birth to five are prepared for success in school and life. We believe all children deserve opportunities to quality and equal education, to be happy and healthy, and to reach their full potential. We provide equitable opportunities to people of all races, ethnicities, cultures, religions, genders, sexual orientations, gender identities or expressions abilities, marital and parental statuses, ages, philosophies, and military or veteran statuses.

History and Funding

Smart Start is a nationally recognized early childhood education initiative that was established in 1993 under the leadership of Governor Jim Hunt as a state-wide, public/private partnership to help all North Carolina children enter school healthy and ready to succeed. Local Smart Start partnerships fund programs within their own communities based on each county’s particular needs and resources. Local partnerships operate in all 100 North Carolina counties through funding from the North Carolina legislature, corporations, foundations, and individual donors.

Smart Start of Forsyth County is the local partner organization serving children and families throughout Forsyth County. We endeavor to expand and improve services for pre-school-aged children and their families in our communities.

Statewide oversight of all Smart Start programs is provided through The North Carolina Partnership for Children (NCPC). Smart Start of Forsyth County is primarily funded by NCPC, NCDHHS, and the city of Winston-Salem in addition to the funds as listed above.


North Carolina Early Childhood Action Plan 

Smart Start Measures of Impact 2021

Smart Start of Forsyth County Strategic Plan 2023 – 2026

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Smart Start of Forsyth County relies on monetary donations from community partners. In return, partners who donate $1,000 or more receive marketing agreements that include recognition via our website, newsletter (1,000+ audience), social media (2,000+ audience), and key events. 

Donor brackets are based on donation amounts.

  • Tomorrow’s Child — $1,000-2,499
  • First Generation Leader — $2,500-4,999
  • Next Generation Leader — $5,000+
On behalf of the Board of Directors for Smart Start of Forsyth County, thank you for your partnership, advocacy, and work to improve our community. Your support allows us to make a difference in Forsyth County.

2023 Impact Report

Since 1994, we have served with purpose, pride, and professionalism. Our impact report allows you to view how our leadership, programs, services, functions, and accomplishments have improved the community. This report shares how we are improving early childhood education to encompass the socio-cultural contexts of our children and families in Forsyth County.