Smart Start of Forsyth County Training Expectations

We encourage all participants to make an effort to adhere to the training expectations outlined below:

  • Each Participant must pre-register for each training to attend.
  • Admittance will not be allowed after the first 10 minutes of class.
  • Kindness and respect for one another and the presenter are expected.
  • Only participants who have pre-registered for trainings will be issued a Training Certificate of Completion.
  • All participants must log into Zoom with their cameras turned on (members of groups on one device must be visible) to receive credit for attendance.
  • Cameras must remain on during the training, if you must step away, please post in chat to inform the presenter.
  • Please type your name, position/title, and name of childcare facility in the chat box (this will also be utilized as a sign in at the beginning and end of each training).
  • Participants’ interaction and participation with the presenter will be greatly appreciated.
  • Complete the required pre-survey (with demographic info).*
  • Each training participant must complete the training evaluation with the post-questionnaire (this will help SSFC determine the effectiveness of the training and inform decisions for future trainings).*
*The pre-survey and training evaluation with post-questionnaire are used to certify each participant’s attendance; upon completion participants will receive a Training Certificate of Completion. We ask that the evaluation and post questionnaire be completed within five (5) business days from the date of the training to receive the Certificate. Certificates are issued the Wednesday following the training and emailed to the email address provided in the registration. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and considering Smart Start of Forsyth County for your training needs.

Upcoming Trainings:

Training Workshops


Children’s Social and Emotional Development Mindfulness is thought of as intentional and non-judgmental present-moment awareness. This kind of awareness means

Smart Start of Forsyth County
11 June 2024
Training Workshops

Emergency Preparedness and Response (EPR)

Planning a Safe and Healthy Learning Environment Emergency Preparedness and Response (EPR) rules are designed to assist licensed childcare programs

18 June 2024


All adults who provide care for infants 12 months or younger are required to be trained in sudden infant death

Smart Start of Forsyth County
2 July 2024

Active Supervision

In this work shop you will learn What is Active Supervision in the classroom, how do you make sure that

Smart Start of Forsyth County
9 July 2024

Transitions in Early Childcare Education

This training defines what a transition is and what it looks like in an early childhood classroom. Participants will also

Smart Start of Forsyth County
16 July 2024

Positive Reinforcement

Using positivity to manage classroom behavior is a far more effective tool than reacting to negative situations as they come

23 July 2024

Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACES)

Study Take s a deep investigation unto how child abuse, neglect, and household dysfunction lead to the adult onset ofchronic

Smart Start of Forsyth County
30 July 2024

First Aid CPR

Smart Start of Forsyth County is a proud provider of First Aid, CPR and AED Training. Be sure to register

Smart Start of Forsyth County
6 August 2024

Creating Exciting Outdoor Environments

Encouraging outdoor play is important in early childhood education. Playing outside gives children an outletto express themselves, while also burning

Smart Start of Forsyth County
13 August 2024