Community Partners

Since our inception in 1994, Smart Start of Forsyth County has collaborated with local community partners. One way that we support our Forsyth County community is by funding programs. We work closely with local agencies to help determine which programs are most needed, and which stakeholders are best suited to successfully administer those programs. 

The agencies we fund are known as DPSs (Direct Service Providers). Smart Start of Forsyth County’s DSP partners work diligently to provide our children and families with services. Our programs maximize the latest technology and digital platforms to host meetings and workshops for the safety and convenience of our community.

We appreciate all our DSPs and everything they do for our community. 

We believe an informed community is empowered to advocate for the local, evidence-based policies and solutions that can improve quality of life for all.
The Child Care WAGE$® Program provides education-based salary supplements to low-paid teachers, directors and family child care providers working with children between the ages of birth to five in participating counties. If you’re just learning about the WAGE$ Program, be sure to check out the program overview, F.A.Q, and learn about the results WAGE$ can provide.
Imprints Cares takes a holistic approach to advancing literacy and expanding opportunities for children and their families. Through a multi-generational model, Imprints Cares promotes positive parenting, improves social determinants of health, enhances opportunities for children and their families, and helps break the cycle of poverty.
The Parenting PATH works to prevent and treat child abuse and neglect by strengthening families, enhancing parent/child relationships, and creating safer more stable communities.
Our mission involves Enriching Child Care, Engaging Families, and Enhancing Communities. The work of CCRC focuses on matching child care services with child care needs, providing professional development opportunities to early childhood professionals, and providing public awareness about the importance of quality child care.
CCRC provides services in English and Spanish for parents, early childhood professionals, employers and the community in general, utilizing funding from government and private sources.
Our mission is to educate, nurture, and support children with special needs to reach their highest potential intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically.