Why Invest in Smart Start?


At Smart Start of Forsyth County, we know what it takes to put young children on a path to lifelong success: high-quality childcare, education, programs that support physical and developmental health, family literacy, and parenting skills—all delivered through a strong, diverse, and fully integrated early childhood system.


We know that investing in the early years provides a tremendous return on investment: for every $1 spent today, we save $13 in future spending. In Forsyth County, many children and families qualify for these essential programs. Of the 21,000 children ages birth to 5 who live in Forsyth County, 14.3% live in poverty. Unfortunately, funding for our programs does not meet the demand, but we can make an impact with your generosity.


Supporters like you make a difference! Your gift, monetary and in-kind, bonds Forsyth County children and families by:


  • Keeping children in safe, clean, and healthy facilities.
  • Providing childcare scholarships for those who cannot afford it.
  • Providing educational materials and IT equipment for teachers.
  • Making nutrition an accessible priority.
  • Empowering Forsyth County’s next generation.


At Smart Start of Forsyth County, we appreciate ALL our donors, partners, and critical sponsors who help us reach our goals.  As highlighted below, our giving levels range from $1,000 – $7,000 and above.


  • Today’s Child Sponsor: $1,000
  • Tomorrow’s Child Sponsor: $1,500
  • First Generation Sponsor: $2,500
  • Next Generation Sponsor: $5,000
  • Premier Sponsor: $7,000

Prefer to donate by check?

Make checks payable to: Smart Start of Forsyth County.
Mailing Address: 7820 North Point Boulevard, Suite 200, Winston Salem, NC 27106