Males Achieving Long Term Excellence (M.A.L.E.)

Juwon Crowell

Juwon's Position

Males Achieving Long Term Excellence (M.A.L.E.)

One-year Forsyth County Fatherhood Initiative from the Reynolds American Foundation. Through this work, SSFC is seeking to strengthen an untraditional family nucleus. Families are faced with unprecedented times in zip codes which have traditionally been burdened with unparalleled difficulties. These untraditional settings are further burdened by unmet and untraditional needs within families supported by single, first-time fathers and male family caregivers such as uncles and grandfathers, in desperate need of a village willing to embrace and define a new culture of quality resources and support. To combat rising issues surrounding this crisis, we find it critical to implement male-centered program focusing on caregiving and involvement in the home.


The program facilitates systems-level change by addressing the barriers preventing male caregivers from being active, engaged, and supportive of their families, as well as, intentionally growing a more substantial network support to:


    • Decrease family violence and improve child development
    • Lower crime rates and the cost of incarceration
    • Decrease government assistance and promote financial independence