Smart Start Of Forsyth County

An equitable early childhood system that fosters an environment for learning, growing, developing, and succeeding

We are for families.

Education begins at birth. As soon as babies take their first breaths, they begin to gather and retain information about the world around them. Smart Start of Forsyth County exists to strengthen a child’s natural desire to learn. We are a nationally recognized program that helps families by preparing their young children (from birth through age five) for success in elementary school and beyond.


Child working with teacher at Smart Start of Forsyth County

We are for early childhood professionals.

Smart Start of Forsyth County equips early childhood professionals with useful resources. We offer professional development training, educator resources, and coaching or mentoring opportunities. We assist professionals as they strive to establish new childcare facilities, improve the quality of existing centers, and enhance early education offerings. Facilities can work with us to prepare for licensing, understand the childcare star rating system, and incorporate NC Pre-K classrooms into their centers.

Funded By

Our mission is to promote equitable access to quality, comprehensive early childhood development and education in response to the needs of our community.

2023 Impact Report

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