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the infant care program at Smart Start.

The infant stage, also known as infancy, refers to a child’s life from birth to approximately two years of age. This stage is characterized by rapid growth and development across multiple physical, cognitive, emotional, and social domains.

Overall, the infant stage is a critical period of growth and development that lays the foundation for a child’s future health, well-being, and success. Providing infants with a nurturing and supportive environment, responsive caregiving, and opportunities for exploration and learning can help foster their development and set them on a path toward a healthy and fulfilling life.

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Infant Development

Our preschool program includes:
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Infant Healthcare


Infant healthcare is a crucial aspect of early childhood development, encompassing preventive measures, timely vaccinations, regular check-ups, and immediate medical attention when necessary. It aims to ensure that infants receive essential nutrients, proper immunization, and monitoring for developmental milestones to foster optimal growth and health. Early interventions and continuous care play a vital role in preventing and managing health issues, thereby laying a strong foundation for a healthy future. Access to quality healthcare services, education for parents, and a supportive environment are key components in promoting the well-being of infants.



Infant Learning

Learning in infancy is a remarkable process characterized by rapid cognitive, motor, social, and emotional development. Despite their small size and limited physical abilities, infants are highly receptive to stimuli from their environment and are constantly absorbing information through their senses. Here are some key aspects of learning in infancy:

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