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The schedule of meetings below is open to the public. Note: this committee does not meet every month and approved minutes are hyperlinked. Public comments are welcomed but all participants must abide by Robert’s Rules of Order and only speak when called upon by committee chair. All comments will be limited to two (2) minutes, unless otherwise approved prior to the start of each meeting.

Committee Meeting Schedule

January 25th – Zoom Link
February 22nd – Zoom Link
April 26th – Zoom Link
June 28th – Zoom Link
September 27th – Zoom Link
October 25th – Zoom Link
November 15th – Zoom Link
December 12th – Zoom Link

January 24th – Zoom Link
February 28th – Zoom Link
March 27th – Zoom Link
April 24th – Zoom Link
May 22nd – Zoom Link
June 26th – Zoom Link
July 24th – Zoom Link
August 28th – Zoom Link
September 25th – Zoom Link
October 23rd – Zoom Link
November 27th – Zoom Link
December 25th – Zoom Link